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The met office has issued many weather warnings for the UK over the past two days. This morning snow has covered much of the North East and Schools, non-major roads and more rural areas are most likely to be the worst hit. We will have the latest updates on weather and road incidents from across the North East of England.

Forecasters say: “Travel delays are likely on roads with a risk that some vehicles and passengers could become stranded. Delays or cancellations are likely to rail and air travel.

The met office has issued an Amber Warning overnight which ended earlier this morning but still holds a Yellow Warning for much of the North East.

So far this morning we have heard that there are no current disruptions, Newcastle’s metro system is running normally. There have been some accidents within the last few hours, live update found here.

Ice is also likely to be a problem on roads this morning, the met office is warning of the snow clearing to “allow icy stretches to develop in places”

School closures could occur later this morning, more information keep up to date on your council’s website, listed below:


North Tyneside


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The Met Office released a short clip with some advice when driving in the snow:

As you can see from the video the Met Office advises the following:

  • Only travel when necessary
  • Expect heavy traffic
  • Expect public transport disruptions
  • Prepare for long journeys

In the Amber Weather warning, the Met Office warned travellers of being “Stranded” if not careful on the roads. We have these tips to stay safe on the winter roads:

  • Bring warm clothing in case you have to exit your vehicle
  • Only travel when extremely necessary
  • Ensure your car is clear before leaving, it can be a danger to drive with snow on the roof of your vehicle
  • Pack a snow shovel in your vehicle
  • Bring first aid kit
  • Bring Hi-Vis
  • Bring Jumpstart cables
  • Plenty food and drink to last

More tips can be found here

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