Live: Memorial for fishermen lost at sea grand opening

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Today’s marks the grand opening of the memorial that will be placed on the North Shields fish quey.

The statue of a fishermen will be unveiled today and was made by Ray Lonsdale who has done other similar works at other locations.

The sculpture will be called Fiddler’s Green will feature in its grand opening at 12:30pm with music playing up to the point of the unveiling.

We are live at the event to showcase what’s is happening.

Video from the day:

DW Media will also produce a full-length version for viewing at a later date


The blessing starts


A very touching speech from the wife of one of the fishermen lost at sea


The MP and other members have started speeches.


The parade has started


Some interesting double acts on stage right now


Music has started and the press are starting to gather


Crowds are starting to build here at the quey

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