Live: Explosion in West Newcastle 


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Reports of an explosion in West Newcastle on Hexham road. Read out live updates by Jess here:

Shops and residents nearby to the location of the electrical fire are without power.

It is suspected the fire was caused by a power surge but investigations are still ongoing.

Northumbria Police have tweeted

“There is no risk to the public but there is traffic disruption to Hexham Rd in Throckley. We will have officers in the area for reassurance”

Police have confirmed there was, in fact, an electrical fire. They are disputing that there was an explosion.

They said  “We have been assisting @Tyne_Wear_FRS with a small electrical fire in Throckley. All extinguished now but traffic still a bit congested.”

Witnesses are saying the explosion sounded like it was underground.

Police have confirmed there is an ongoing incident on Hexham road in West Newcastle. They are advising people to avoid the area. Police and the fire service are at the scene.

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